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CFI Blog

General Aviation Training at Tooradin Flying School

I am very pleased to announce that Tooradin Flying School has recently concluded a strategic alliance with Amber Aviation Academy. As a result, Tooradin Flying School will now be able to offer General Aviation flight training at Tooradin airfield. Training programs from RPL up to CPL will be offered and...

Steven Lau – First Solo

Congratulations to Steven on achieving his first solo after an intensive 7 day training  programme while on a visit from Hong Kong. Steven hopes to join Cathay Pacific and we wish him great success in his aviation career

Vaughn Dennis -New Pilot

Congratulations to Vaughn on gaining his Pilot Certificate last week. Vaughn is another of our young aviators who is still too young to hold a drivers licence but now is a qualified pilot. His parents drive him to the airport and he takes them flying !!.