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CFI Blog

New Texan for Tooradin Flying School

We are pleased to announce that another Texan Top Class has been acquired by Amber Aviation for Tooradin Flying school. The aircraft is similar in all respects to the current Texan except it has only 450 hours in service and is fitted with an auto pilot, a very handy feature for long cross country flights. As...

Flight Instructor Training

                                              Instructor Training Tooradin Flying School is pleased to announce that we are now able to offer Recreational Aviation Flight Instructor Training to pilots who would like to progress down this path. The minimum...

Francis Keath – First Solo on 15th Birthday

Congratulations to Francis on achieving his first solo in one of our C152 aircraft. He was also celebrating his 15th Birthday so a memorable day for him. Francis has been training here under the instruction of Jackie Milroy and is the first Amber Aviation Tooradin PPL student to reach this milestone.

General Aviation Training at Tooradin Flying School

I am very pleased to announce that Tooradin Flying School has recently concluded a strategic alliance with Amber Aviation Academy. As a result, Tooradin Flying School will now be able to offer General Aviation flight training at Tooradin airfield. Training programs from RPL up to CPL will be offered and will include various endorsements up to...